Monster Energy: Behind the Scenes at the 2014 Monza Rally

Lifestyle report on Valentino Rossi competing at the 2012 Monza Rally Show, commissioned by Monster Energy Europe.

Valentino Rossi ran out the winner of the 2012 edition of the Monza Rally Show in a ton of style. Allowing exclusive access into his garage to follow him throughout the weekend, get right inside team VR|46 as The Doctor took control of the Stage Rally right from the first night and held the lead, keeping the likes of Dindo Capello - a massively decorated driver himself - and a ton of other talents at arm's length.

Valentino set about dismantling the competition again on Sunday afternoon at the climax of the event in the Master Show where he went head to head against Capello again in the final, holding his nerve and completing a massively popular double win in front of a sell-out crowd.

Valentino raced a WRC spec Ford Fiesta 1.6 prepared by M-Sport.

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