Born and raised in Belgium (˚1976). I was taught the secrets of a dark room by a pro. Made mistake after mistake, but learned massively.
Abandoned my photography dream at 19.
Studied marketing. Worked at various FMG and sports/fashion brands.
Seized the opportunity to pursue my photography dreams again in my mid twenties, shooting editorials.
I lived from airport to airport, shooting editorials and commercials on all continents. Discovering paradises in Central America and Polynesia.
Adapted towards film direction and production in 2004.
Today focusing on fashion, lifestyle and automotive commercial photography and film.


TAG Heuer + Harley-Davidson + Jeep + Kawasaki + Julia Diehl + Rodania + Toos Franken + Eastpak + O'Neil + Maxim Magazine + Braun + Monster Energy + Denim Mag + Reef + Stimorol + Mobistar + Hurley + City of Antwerp + Brugge Tripel + Bridgestone + ...

Personalities and Artists

Jeremy Lin + Cristiano Ronaldo + Michael Schumacher + Cameron Diaz + Valentino Rossi + Ken Block + Ian Walsh + G.E.M. + A.N.D.Y. + Dawn Olivieri + Lewis Hamilton + Nyemiah Supreme + Shameboy + Silverene + Raketkanon + The Prodigy + Maria Sharapova + Henrik Lundqvist + Kei Nishikori + Nic Von Rupp + ...

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