1. Velo Afrique, Uganda 2022

    2022-11-30 09:10:00 UTC
    August 2022. I got a call from longtime friend Jeroen Leen. Jeroen has been the driving force behind Velo Afrique. Due to the nature of Velo Afrique’s activities, COVID-19 also made it impossible for them to continue operations, just like so many other companies worldwide. But the light at the…

  2. New book: “Dear Motel”

    2021-12-15 09:34:00 UTC
    Dear Motel … Allow me to share a tale that unfolded during a photography assignment in Denver. The protagonist, a captivating actress, immersed herself in a spellbinding setting. As the observer, I became the eyes, witnessing and anticipating the scenes that unfolded. The potent imagery of this cinematic landscape effortlessly…

  3. Harley-Davidson Sportster S Global Launch Campaign

    2021-07-14 11:23:00 UTC
    In 1957, Harley-Davidson launched the Sportster as a light, versatile, sporting motorcycle. The Sportster was a hit, and Harley still builds descendants of this air-cooled, V-twin platform today. Modern emission standards push the Evolution-powered Sportster closer to extinction every year, and the Sportster S brings a new era for the…

  4. DASSY workwear overall campaign renewal

    2021-01-04 11:43:00 UTC
    The Belgian-based workwear company DASSY had been running a remarkable campaign policy for years, using the “invisible man” idea to feature their workwear garments in real-life situations.For the marketing team at DASSY it was time to crank up the image quality when they approached Mike Van Cleven with the request…

  5. TAG Heuer campaign with Cristiano Ronaldo

    2015-07-20 22:35:00 UTC
    Cristiano Ronaldo Scores As TAG Heuer’s Latest Ambassador Cristiano Ronaldo requires no introduction. As one of the most iconic faces of football, the Real Madrid player has been appointed as TAG Heuer’s latest celebrity ambassador for his constant ability to propel forward and bend the rules with the goal of…

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