Sportster® S is the first chapter of a whole new book of the Sportster saga. A legacy born in 1957 that outperformed the competition is now rebuilt to blow away the standards of today.

Harley-Davidson Sportster S

Director / DoP,  Mike Van Cleven
2nd unit DoP, Pierre Vikberg
A cam, Mikey Neale
B cam, Simon Hay
Precision driver, Jonathan Fildes
Russian Arm operator, Antonio E. Vega
Russian Arm cam op, Mike Van Cleven
Drone pilot, Sam Short
Drone op, Thomas Hogben
POV cam op, Laurence Crossman 
1st AC, Heather Crompton
2nd AC, Lara Abrami
Sound, Johan Maertens

European segment produced by SHUTTR

Producer, Mike Van Cleven
1st AD, Werner Renders


President and CEO Jochen Zeitz and Bill Davidson cruising through the Scottish scenery on the Sportster S.

The original homestead of t he Davidson family, back in Scotland.

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