Harley-Davidson Sportster S Global Launch Campaign

In 1957, Harley-Davidson launched the Sportster as a light, versatile, sporting motorcycle. The Sportster was a hit, and Harley still builds descendants of this air-cooled, V-twin platform today. Modern emission standards push the Evolution-powered Sportster closer to extinction every year, and the Sportster S brings a new era for the line with its Revolution Max mill. 

“Just like Sportsters should be, and completely unlike any Sportster you’ve ever ridden.”

With the Davidson family originating from Scotland and their homestead still intact after some die-hard HD fans bought and renovated it to its original state, the choice for the Scottish Highlands was made as the setting for the launch campaign of the Sportser S global launch campaign. Not an easy task during the high season of COVID-19 casualties, lockdowns, quarantine, mandatory multiple COVID testings, and travel restrictions. Nevertheless, a crew of over 50 struck down in Glasgow coming from Belgium, Spain, Sweden, Ireland, and the USA for a full-on 4-day production that had been prepped for months in a row.

It’s been an honor.– Mike

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Production, SHUTTR
Director/DoP/Photographer,  Mike Van Cleven
2nd unit DoP, Pierre Vikberg
A cam, Mikey Neale
B cam, Simon Hay
Precision driver, Jonathan Fildes
Russian Arm operator, Antonio E. Vega
Russian Arm cam op, Mike Van Cleven
Drone pilot, Sam Short
Drone op, Thomas Hogben
POV cam op, Laurence Crossman 
1st AC, Heather Crompton
2nd AC, Lara Abrami
Sound, Johan Maertens

European segment produced by SHUTTR
Producer, Mike Van Cleven
1st AD, Werner Renders

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