New book: “Dear Motel”

Dear Motel …

Allow me to share a tale that unfolded during a photography assignment in Denver. The protagonist, a captivating actress, immersed herself in a spellbinding setting. As the observer, I became the eyes, witnessing and anticipating the scenes that unfolded. The potent imagery of this cinematic landscape effortlessly formed, capturing the essence of a powerful woman within the unique backdrop of a motel.

This experience ignited a spark within me. I realized untold stories were waiting to be discovered in overlooked corners. As someone constantly on the move for assignments, I began documenting my surroundings and experiences through the lens. My goal was to convey narratives silently, devoid of words, sounds, or voices, relying solely on visual storytelling.

From afar, you see a girl as if she just has woken up. But look closer. And look around. And let it sink in. Who’s watching birds?

Motels, in my perception, serve as crossroads and guides. They offer both literal and metaphorical directions, especially for those with courage and tenacity—individuals, particularly women, chasing their dreams. These resilient individuals became the central figures in the photographs of “Dear Motel,” a series dedicated to the enduring journey of life on the road. While we may be uncertain of our destination or destiny, navigating the right turns and exits demands resilience, persistence, and creativity.

The women in Dear Motel won’t look at you, won’t try to interact with you. You’re not there. Call it voyeurism, allowed by the protagonist.

“Dear Motel” encourages contemplation. It unravels untold stories and transports viewers to mysterious realms where unexpected narratives lie dormant. From a discreet vantage point, it provides a glimpse into the lives of others, far removed from our own. The frozen moments the lens captured invite viewers to journey and imagine the stories behind each frame.

“Too dry” … pool out of commission.

In my approach, models are their own directors, bounded only by their self-imposed limits. I offer them the freedom to explore and feel, stepping back to frame scenes from a distance, guided by trust and experience. The resulting moments, bathed in natural light with unforced elements, epitomize authenticity.

Salton Sea, CA

DEAR MOTEL, the book
Hardcover, linen. Two editions (one blue and one red edition)
+160 pages
+100 photographs
284 x 240mm
“Dear Motel” is published in collaboration with Stockmans Art Books

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