New book: “Dear Motel”

Dear Motel …

Here’s the story. 

It all started while on assignment in Denver. The model, being the actress, is in an intriguing setting. Me being the eyes, watching and waiting. The images of that powerful woman in that cinematographic scenery created themselves. For her, for me - thanks to the inspiring backdrops of that motel.

That shoot inspired me. There were stories to be found where no one ever looked. Where no one ever stood still and watched and waited. 
Spending half the year on the road for assignments, I started photographing where I was and what I saw. I felt compelled to tell the story without words, sounds, or voices but through imagery.

From afar, you see a girl as if she just has woken up. But look closer. And look around. And let it sink in. Who’s watching birds?

“Motels offer guests crossings and directions. Literally and metaphorically, for people with a fighting spirit, with balls. Like women who hunt their dreams. They became my main characters in the photographs of Dear Motel, a series in honor of eternal life on the road. We are all unsure of our destination or destiny. But the right turns, and exits require resilience, persistence, and creativity.

The women in Dear Motel won’t look at you, won’t try to interact with you. You’re not there. Call it voyeurism, allowed by the protagonist.

“Dear Motel” lets you wonder. It unfolds the stories that want to be told. It takes you to mysterious places where surprising tales slumber. From a slightly hidden perspective, for a peek into someone else’s day, far, far away. Your eyes see a moment frozen in time. Your mind hits the road and imagines a story.”

“Too dry” … pool out of commission.

“My models are their own directors, only limited by their own boundaries. I offer them space and time to search and feel. I only frame the scene from a distance, with trust and experience. The moment, the light, the extras are natural, unforced.”

Salton Sea, CA

DEAR MOTEL, the book
Hardcover, linen. Two editions (one blue and one red edition)
+160 pages
+100 photographs
284 x 240mm
“Dear Motel” is published in collaboration with Stockmans Art Books

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